A day with Valentina Albanese

Source: SEAT
Source: SEAT

The trial is scheduled for next Thursday” announces Valentina Albanese before hanging up the phone. Today is Friday and that is the last call in this criminal lawyer’s work week. From now until Sunday afternoon Valentina is leaving her toga behind and putting on her racing suit for the weekend event: “I’m a lawyer by profession and my other great passion is racing”, she claims.

We joined Valentina at the Vallelunga circuit on the outskirts of Rome, where one of the championship races is being held. Upon arriving, the official SEAT driver since 2005 meets with her mechanics to go over her SEAT Leon Cup Racer, with which she won the Italian Touring Endurance Championship in: “It has a very powerful engine and when you drive it you just know you’re at the wheel of a wining car. It’s the absolute best car I’ve ever raced with”, she asserts.

Valentina splits her time between two great passions: law and speed. Although at first glance they may seem completely opposite, for Albanese they are actually have quite a lot in common: “I get a very similar feeling arriving home after winning a race at the weekend as after spending a day in court and winning a case”.

Wearing her helmet and gloves she’s now ready to go full throttle: “I get an enormous rush every time I climb into the car”, she says before blazing onto the track for another win.

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